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  • Creator - Benny Safdie
  • Synopsis - A charismatic New York City jeweler always on the lookout for the next big score makes a series of high-stakes bets that could lead to the windfall of a lifetime. Howard must perform a precarious high-wire act, balancing business, family, and encroaching adversaries on all sides in his relentless pursuit of the ultimate win
  • Director - Benny Safdie, Josh Safdie
  • 157576 Vote
  • Tomatometers - 8 of 10 Stars
  • USA

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HAPPY GILMORE IS ONE THE GREATEST MOVIES EVER. His youngest having his name as a middle name, with hindsight isn't that absolute perfection given than she will never know her dad. SYNOPSIS:
Howard (Adam Sandler) is a New York City jeweler who despite his debts with some dangerous people, continues to press his luck by gambling money he earns on outlandish sports bets on Kevin Garnett and the Boston Celtics.
As I'm sure you've all heard by now, Adam Sandler is great. This was probably my most anticipated film since "IT: Chapter 2" this year. I loved "Good Time" by the Safdie Brothers and that was partially why I was so excited for this film. So, although I did enjoy the film, I was slightly disappointed. Maybe, I heard a little too much about the movie before going in, hearing mostly things like "this movie keeps you on the edge of your seat" and "you keep seeing the terrible decisions he makes." I believe these aren't great depictions of the film and I think if you hear this a lot you'll expect much more than what the film actually gives. It's a solid movie that keeps you interested and has a final sequence that does in fact keep you on the edge of your seat. Nothing spectacular and I'm not sure I'd even nominate this for a Best Picture. However, I definitely recommend seeing this movie. 7.8/10.
I do really love the direction. You can tell the Safdie Brothers clearly have a style they stick too and you can definitely tell they have a couple inspirations. They don't hide that either as they've even said in interviews how big of fans they are of film and they've mentioned inspirations. A criticism I do have of the film is the pacing. Possibly, it's because of the fact that the first movie I've seen from them was "Good Time" and that Good Time is non-stop fast pace from beginning to end. I'm not too sure how much of an influence that has on my opinion, because I know this film could've succeeded being the same way, but it definitely takes a solid step back in the pace. It doesn't NEED to be very fast pace, but like I said, I really think it could've been beneficial doing so. The way it shot, however, was very impressive and is a beautiful viewing experience as far as technical and stylish direction.
I like some of the choices the Safdie Brothers made with the writing, but the writing wasn't anything special. We've seen movies similar to this and I think there's been other films that have executed the writing better. There's a direction they take that gives the writing a reason to make certain scenarios less intense for me, but I can think of ways that creates more tension. There were a couple side stories with Howard with the mother of his children and his girlfriend, but I don't really see too much of a importance to their characters. Even more so his ex-wife or whatever Elsa from Frozen is supposed to be to him. There is an extraordinary sequence at the end of the film that really makes this movie for me. The type of writing that reminded me of Good Time and they got that perfect. Overall, it was enjoyable enough with a certain style selection that I liked, not loved.
When you hear "Acting" and "Uncut Gems" you think Adam Sandler for sure and it's for good reason. I want to stay he steals the show, but it's his show. It's all him. Kevin Garnett was impressive, LaKeith Stanfield is simply A-List nowadays and there are multiple great performance from, Julia Fox, Eric Bogosian, Idina Menzel, Keith Williams Richards and everyone else really, but at the end of the day this is Adam Sandler's movie. Just as much as "50 First Dates" or any of his guilty pleasure films. Whether or not I think he should be nominated for Best Actor, I can't say. I would need to go over all of the performances and as of today, I have yet to see 1917, I still need to see Waves and Timothee Chalamet always has a shot in my eyes. He's almost automatic at this point for me.

Too stressful to watch. It was living a nightmare. Too much cussing in the dialogue which achieved no purpose whatsoever. We left the theater not interested in how it would end. I really hope he keeps doing high quality films like this because he is a great actor. 1:56 you're welcome. Would have loved to hear more of Adam talking about the movie and less of Jimmy talking about going to the movie. Man it's pretty disappointing sgt colbert left the corps and joined the army. I definitely hit the rock 😂😂😂. I wasn't expecting for that when I was watching the movie. Wait I've seen this movie already. Full movie neobra c4 eni dragulji lirik. Billy Madison really is one of the best movies ever made. The soundtrack by Lopatin is fantastic. I hope the film is as good. Just realized how young the Safdie brothers are.

I just saw Uncut Gems and it was quite easily the greatest performance Adam Sandler has ever given. Truly deserving of an Oscar nomination. Pickle in the coffee is a WILD move. I believe Reign Over Me Deserved an oscar. hands down.

Sandler better storm the stage tonight and claim his rightful trophy. If the video is slow, long boot — change quality.

Adam Sandler need to be directed by someone not himself

Full movie neobra c4 eni dragulji remix. This dude has so much shit talked about him yet hes one of the most authentic people in the game. Respect. I sensed an intention of magnifying the recklessness of Jewish people over money. Or was I wrong. Full movie neobra c4 eni dragulji lyrics. Good to see Jamie keeping the family close, most families are to happy to move out. Im happy to be living with my daughter (47yo) granddaughter (16yo) and youngest son (39yo) it works for us. 💖💙.

Seeing Adam doing drama makes me so happy for him. He deserves dramatic roles if the character fits his type. Man can act. Does anyone know what song is that. This looks soooooooo good. http://shinononiatexho.duckdns.org/sitemap.html I just love Adam Sandler. نبي مراجعة انمي فينلاند ساقا. Ralph Recommends: The Meyerowitz Stories (2017) by Noah Baumbach.


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